Thursday, December 08, 2011

Updated Re-Enrollment Information for WTC EHC

I've heard from a few of you that your applications for re-enrollment to WTC EHC (necessary for anybody who enrolled after Jan. 1st, 2001) have been held up for weeks without any indication as to why.

[Note: Anybody who has not yet enrolled and wishes to can get the applications here:]

Today I called the information line to find out why my application has been held up and discovered that I had, in fact, been accepted for re-enrollment a couple of weeks after I applied.  NIOSH, however, did not let me know.

Anybody who submitted their application and has not heard anything since should contact NIOSH at this number and check their status:

1 (888) 982-4748  [WTC-HP4U]

Getting Through the Menu:
Dial *1 for English
Dial *1 for information about eligibility and enrollment
Dial *3 to talk to a customer service rep


I've been getting a lot of questions about what kinds of documentation are being accepted as proof of exposure for Stuyvesant students.

I sent a copy of my high school diploma from 2002 (I was class of '02, not sure if this will work for later classes).  Other people have mentioned that they have sent copies of program cards and/or yearbooks.

For anybody who has re-enrolled with success, please let me know what types of proof you submitted! I'd like to compile a list for everybody else.  I am also trying to get this information from the application office itself, and will keep everyone updated.