WTC Health Program FAQs

To sign up call: 1.800.WTC.0107 / (1.800.982.0107)
Or Download the Application HERE

What is WTC EHC?
The World Trade Center Environmental Health Program is a treatment program for non-responders who were exposed to the dust cloud on 9/11 or present in lower Manhattan during the WTC clean-up.  Treatment at WTC EHC is free of charge, and the program is staffed with specialists in dealing with 9/11-related health conditions. 

Who Qualifies?
Anybody who was at Stuyvesant High School, High School for Economics and Finance, Leadership and Public Service High School, Murry Bergtraum, BMCC, P.S. 234, I.S. 89, P.S. 150 or any other lower Manhattan school on September 11th, 2001 or during the World Trade Center clean-up and has any sort of 9/11 related health condition.

What Types of Conditions Are Considered 9-11 Related?
The most common symtoms are respiratory symptoms like coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, and sinus congestion, stomach problems like acid reflux and more serious digestive issues, and mental health issues like depression and anxiety.  These are certainly not the only conditions that qualify, however.  Call to get screened if you are unsure about whether your condition will be covered.

What if I Live Out of State or in Upstate New York?
Many StuyHealth members and others who were students in 2001 now live outside of New York City.   Though the WTC Environmental Health Center is NY-based, the WTC Health Program has a national component as well.  The application process and phone numbers are the same, and the program will place you with participating doctors that are convenient to you.  Additionally, out-of-state members are welcome to participate in the WTC EHC in New York.  Check out our FAQ on the WTC Health Program's Nationwide Provider's Network!

For an overview of what to expect on your first appointment, please refer to my post "A Visit To WTC EHC"

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