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Since a lot of young adults no longer live in the NY area, it's important to stress that 9/11 health services for survivors are now available to people living outside of the tri-state area. Check out the FAQ below, and feel free to contact us at with questions!  If you're interested in applying, you can:

WTC Health Program

The WTC Health Program provides services for survivors who were present in the dust cloud on 9/11 or who lived, worked, or went to school, childcare or adult day care in the New York City disaster area, as well as monitoring and treatment for eligible rescue, recovery, and clean-up workers who responded to the September 11th terrorist attacks.  The WTC Health Program has seven Clinical Centers of Excellence in the New York metropolitan area and a Nationwide Provider Network (NPN).

Nationwide Provider Network (NPN)

The NPN provides monitoring and treatment services for eligible 9/11 survivors who live outside the New York metropolitan area.  Logistics Health Incorporated (LHI) administers the NPN and administered similar services under the National Responder Health Program since 2008.


If I live outside the New York metropolitan area, how do I enroll?

You can apply to the WTC Health Program by downloading an application from the link above. You can also call 1-888-982-4748 to request an application. The eligibility requirements, application process, and benefits are the same no matter where you live.

How is the NPN different than the Clinical Centers of Excellence in the New York metropolitan area?

1. The NPN uses providers across the country to deliver quality monitoring and treatment services for members who cannot regularly travel to the New York for care. The NPN takes an individualized approach in helping members find a suitable provider. Once enrolled in the WTC Health Program, someone from the NPN will call you to discuss your health care needs and work with you to find a provider so that you can begin receiving benefits. The NPN has access to an expansive network of credentialed providers in a variety of specialties.

2. For non-New York City WTC Health Program participants, the initial exam is conducted as a three-part process instead of as a full-day screening appointment.  A medical history questionnaire will be conducted over the phone by a member of the NPN’s case management team. During the call you will be scheduled for an appointment with a provider for appropriate testing services.  Upon the completion of these two steps, a clinical evaluation will be scheduled with a physician in order to complete your exam.

What if I am a patient at a NYC Center of Excellence but have recently moved out of the area?

Participants in the WTC Health Program that are based in New York City are allowed to switch between the NYC Center's of Excellence and the NPN once a year.

Will I get quality care in the NPN?

Yes. The WTC Health Program provides members quality medical care that is convenient to where they live. All providers in the NPN are credentialed through either the United Healthcare system or by the NPN directly. Both the Clinical Centers of Excellence and the NPN follow the same certification process to qualify members for treatment under the WTC Health Program. The goal of the NPN is to provide a comparable level of monitoring and treatment services that an eligible member would receive at one of the seven Clinical Centers of Excellence.

The clinics in the New York metropolitan area have seen thousands of 9/11 responders and survivors.  Do the doctors in the NPN have the same level of experience?

The monitoring and treatment doctors who provide services in the NPN may not have the same degree of experience treating 9/11 responders and survivors, however the NPN providers work with LHI in a collaborative manner to ensure that your health needs are evaluated and cared for according to the established WTC Health Program guidelines. LHI has trained doctors, nurses, and case managers who understand the unique exposures of 9/11 responders and survivors. LHI trained specialists review your medical records to process WTC Health Program certification(s) and will assist you in understanding the benefits you qualify for based on your certifications.

You can contact the WTC Health Program directly at 1-888-982-4748, or visit them on the web at

(Download a .pdf of this fact sheet by clicking HERE.)

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